If you would like to view multiple courses at once, like in the example below, I encourage you to register for a personal agenda.

example of personal agenda

An example of a personal agenda.

Studies and groups

At the moment, this is the easiest way to view multiple courses at once, like for example all of the courses of your study, track or group.

Why do you need my email address?

I need your email address so I can contact you if there is important news about this website. You need to register in order to prevent others from messing with your agenda. Also, by using email addresses to register I can protect the website from fake users.

Export your agenda

You can export your agenda to your favorite digital calendar, like Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and even most smartphones. Just use the iCal links provided at each course page and the "import by URL" instructions provided by your agenda.


Your email address will not be shared with others, except if you really want this. Also, you are able to lock your agenda from other viewers by setting it to private in the "Edit agenda" section once you are logged in.


You can register your account on the register page.

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