About this site

This website extracts course schedule-information from the rooster.vu.nl site, the official schedule-information website of the VU University in Amsterdam, on a regular basis.

The website has been developed due to irritations about the university rooster site. This website gives you the ability to bookmark the schedule of a course and are also smartphone-friendly.

Why can't I find my study/group schedule?

The official site provides its data in a specific way, which makes it really complex for VUrooster to display the schedule for studies and groups. Instead of using the study/group functionality, we encourage you to use a personal agenda, which you can customize to all of your needs. You will need to register an account on the website, in order to use this functionality.

Why is the site in English?

The amount of students who speak English outnumbers the amount of students who speak Dutch. Therefore, we also cater to the students who are non-Dutch speakers.

Can I depend on the information VUrooster provides?

The information on VUrooster is updated every day, based on the information on rooster.vu.nl. However, it is possible that errors creep in. We obviously cannot guarantee that the information we receive from the official website is valid. For daily use, you can rely on this VUrooster, but it isn't a bad idea to double check your exam dates, which is a good practice anyway.

VUrooster was designed for one single purpose: getting your schedule-information for known courses as fast as possible. If you want to find additional information, it may be better to use rooster.vu.nl.

Calendar Feed

What is the calendar feed feature? calendar_icon

You can use the calendar feed's URL to subscribe to your courses. Import the URL into your favorite digital calendar, like Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, etc. You can subscribe to single course or get the whole package at once by subscribing to your own personal feed. It is possible to view privacy options by going to your agenda preferences in the "Edit Agenda" section.

Why won't Google Calendar show my course?

There are some known bugs in Google Calendar. It can take up to six hours to display the added course. This is sometimes visible as a weird looking calendar title. Don't worry; you can view it at a later time or you can add the course to your personal feed and subscribing to that personal feed.

When is the feed updated?

Every day the site updates its database. Any changes will be added to your feed. It depends on the synchronization interval of your digital agenda when the updates will be visible in your calendar. For example, Google Calendar synchronizes every 6 hours.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact me using the contact form.

Any reliance on this information is strictly at your own risk.