Who I Am

I am Anne Jon Schoonhoven, a Dutch Software Engineering Master student at VU university, Amsterdam.

I developed this website pro deo in about 2 months, in circa 50 hours. The intent to start this project came from the frustrations my friends and I got from the regular rooster site. Not to say that building this website and connecting it with rooster.vu.nl did not give a lot of frustrations as well. The regular website is especially a horror for students that follow a different learning path than their study tells them to follow.


I hope you enjoy using this website. I tried to create the most simplistic lookup website for your course schedule. No fluffy things, just straightforward functionality. Just keep it simple!

So if you love this website, please consider supporting my work. More information about how you can support VUrooster can be found at here


You can contact me using the contact form.


My thanks go to my friends, who tested every corner of this website and came up with really good suggestions.

Anne Jon

Any reliance on this information is strictly at your own risk.